chasing money is not a vision

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"I know today that I, like many ambitious, young sales professionals, was driven by a scarcity and lack mindset."


I grew up in Winnetka, an affluent suburb on the north shore of Chicago. Surely, a majority of us grew up well-to-do, but it goes without saying that kids in my neighborhood had to live up to a lot. The pressure worked both ways: some used it as an incentive to work hard and enroll into a solid university while others turned to drugs and alcohol to drown out the social pressure of being successful.

Well, I chose both. Aimless as I was ambitious, I was driven by the idea of having it all.

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Living Life On Your Terms


The Manifestation Mastermind is an intimate leadership journey where sales leaders are provided a space to craft and develop their vision while overcoming habits, beliefs, and ways of being that interfere with the vision for their life.

In this mastermind you will be joined by like-minded leaders who are on the pursuit for alignment both personally and professionally; you will receive support and be challenged to take actionable steps towards MANIFESTING your vision.



Every time I speak with Brian I learn more about how to live an aligned journey that is true to yourself. He has greatly impacted me both as a leader, a sales professional, and as a friend.

Alex Kremer

Corporate Sales Manager Outreach


Brian is one of the most disciplined people I know. His wisdom, loyalty, and capacity to take aligned action are invaluable commodities.

Justin Janowski

Founder & CEO Faith2Influence


Brian has always had a knack for being a few steps ahead of his peers and he’s developed a big heart to go along with it.

Ben Schemper

Founder & CEO Abundant


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